QR Code for your Website

Posted: 16 Sep 2011

We live in a day and age where rapid technology developments enable information and news to travel around the world in no time. Everyone is connected and millions of connections are made every day! As you know, here at BreedersWebsite.com we’re constantly trying to figure out ways to help you be more successful at what you do – finding homes for your animals. This is why we had to jump at the opportunity of implementing QR Codes for all BreedersWebsite’s customers. With QR Codes, new owners for your pets can connect with you more easily than ever!

Consumers, like you and your customers alike, don’t like lengthy and difficult processes to get in touch with someone, which is why QR Codes are such a clever invention and also marketing tool. As the name suggests, ‘QR’ standing for ‘Quick Response’, QR Codes allow for instant and accurate access to the information wished for – for example your latest batch of animals seeking a new home or simply your breeding business’ contact details.

You’re probably asking yourself now: So how does this work? – It’s simple: QR Codes are already widely used to provide consumers with an easy and fast way to look up information on the Internet by taking a snapshot of a barcode. Anyone with a Camera-Equipped Mobile Device, Smartphone or QR Scanner (think iPhone, Blackberry, Android Devices, etc) can scan the 2-dimensional QR Code and access the website linked to this code – ideally your BreedersWebsite! In practice, as you can imagine, there are endless ways of implementing this in your everyday marketing efforts.

Unlike traditional barcodes you see every day in supermarkets and retail stores, QR Codes can do much more than just store up to approx. 20 numerical digits; QR Codes can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters. Their ability to hold so much information makes them ideal for any business wanting to simplify and accelerate the way their customers and potential customers can connect with them.

And to answer your question of how this works for you: basically every BreedersWebsite and associated domain name will automatically get their own QR Code at no additional cost. You can then use your BreederWebsite’s QR Code on your business cards, flyers, posters, magazines, online ads, shows, events, and anywhere you can think of, even on a T-Shirt! People can then easily and promptly access your website by scanning your unique QR Code.

Too good to be true? For once it isn’t! BreedersWebsite does it again – we bring you the latest internet technologies and online engagement tools, and, what’s more, at no additional charge! We hope that your BreederWebsite will attract even larger audiences now and achieve an even wider reach.

Thank you for ongoing support while we continue to bridge the gap between you and your customers while providing you with a web presence which allows you to easily inform the world with your latest updates, and thus growing your business and helping place your animals in happy homes!

QR Code for your Website